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Many beginners who are just learning Arduino are still confused about which type of Arduino to choose for learning. This article is writen to give a little overview for beginners in choosing the right type of microcontroller in learning Arduino.

Most of beginners are more familiar with Arduino than the microcontroller itself. However, Arduino is only the name of various types/brand of microcontroller meanwhile microcontroller. We can say that microcontroller is the computer and Arduino is the brand such as ASUS, LG, etc.

  1. Uno R3 DIP

Uno R3 DIP is an arduino which uses the Atmega328 IC with a long IC shape and has a pin that is soldered by inserting it into the PCB hole, while the SMD leg does not enter a hole but only sticks on the top of PCB.

Uno R3 DIP Arduino
Arduino Uno R3 DIP
  1. Nano V3 FTDI232

Next is Nano V3 FTDI232 which is smaller than Uno. Its small shape is very suitable to be used in conjuction with a breadboard or project board, while Arduino Uno requires a jumper wire to connect to a breadboard due to using of female pin.

Nano V3 FTDI232 Arduino
Nano V3 FTDI232
  1. NodeMCU V3 ESP8266

Although not Arduino, NodeMCU ESP8266 is also a microcontroller and an advanced recommendation for beginners to learn. In another side, NodeMCU ESP8266 can be programmed in Arduino or micropython. For the beginners, ESP8266 is very suitable because the features are almost the same and added with WiFi features so you can immediately learn about the IoT.

NodeMCU V3 ESP8266 Microcontroller
NodeMCU V3 ESP8266
  1. Wemos D1 Mini ESP32

ESP32 is also not Arduino, but this microcontroller is very suitable for beginners to advanced material. The features are almost the same as ESP8266 and Arduino but ESP32 has more advantages. This kind of microcrontroller is highly recommended for you the beginners.

Wemos D1 Mini ESP32 Microcontroller
Wemos D1 Mini ESP32

Arduino indeed is more than enough for beginners to learn, but with a slightly more higher price, ESP32 is much more profitable for beginners. We can say that what is in ESP32 is usually not necessarily in the Arduino, while those on Arduino are usually already in ESP32.

That’s why, I recommend you to start learning directly by buying an ESP32 module. You save more money not to buy ESP8266 (Wi-Fi) or HC-05 (Bluetooth) and many other features have been already included in ESP32 module.

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Anak Kendali

Anak Kendali

Learn microcontroller with anakkendali.com

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