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Tutorial Arduino Burn Bootloader Atmega 328 100% Successful

Burn the bootloader arduino uno is the basis of the program found on the Arduino board, if likened to a bootloader like the OS on a computer or smartphone. When the Atmega328 IC loses its bootloader, it is certain that your Atmega328 IC will not be programmed using the Arduino IDE.

Even though I said it can’t be programmed with the Arduino IDE, even without a bootloader, it can actually be programmed using USB ASP, it’s just that we need a Fuse Bit setting. arduino uno burn bootloader

Alright, let’s say that the bootloader is something very important, if you want to program the Atmega328 IC as in general, use the Arduino IDE with Serial programmers like FTDI or CH340 and so on. then you have to fill in the bootloader first. arduino uno burn bootloader

 Tutorial Arduino Burn Bootloader Atmega 328 100% Successful
Burn Bootloader with USB ASP
 Tutorial Arduino Burn Bootloader Atmega 328 100% Successful
Burn Bootloader with Arduino Uno

Implementation of Bootloader Charging on the Atmega328 / Atmega8 IC

  1. Creating Your Own Minimum System
  2. Fix Arduino Losing Bootloader
  3. Fix Arduino Cannot Program
  4. Making a project without using the Arduino board is only an IC
  5. and many others

Step by step Bootloader on Atmega328 IC

  1. Prepare the Atmega328 IC which is still empty or already filled with the bootloader
  2. Prepare Arduino UNO / Nano / USB ASP
  3. Arrange the Arduino which is an ASP / ISP with the Atmega328 IC which is equipped with a crystal and capacitor
  4. See the series image for more details
  5. If using Arduino, then Arduino must first be filled in the ISP program
  6. If using USB ASP you can just go ahead, but make sure the USB ASP port is detected.
  7. If USB ASP is not detected, please install the driver first. Download Zadig
  8. Open Arduino IDE >> Tools >> Select the board you want to use as a board for the Atmega328 IC >> Click Burn Bootloader >> Wait for it to finish. arduino uno burn bootloader

Video Tutorial Burn Bootloader IC Atmega 328 with USBASP Complete 100% work!

Thank you for visiting, that’s the tutorial burning bootloader IC Atmega 328 with Arduino or USBASP. It worked 100%.


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